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Gail Lee Spaulding from Jay, Oklahoma said:

Thank you....this is such an awesome program. I've searched for something like this....I can now do these kegels....and I have a stage IV prolapse which should be motivation enough. I needed this and the live coach with motivational is SUPER! GREAT JOB AND WONDERFUL SERVICE FOR US!!


The Roller from , said:

so far, so really helps...I will report in few weeks!


Sean T from Conroe, TX said:

Great stuff here. I do them on my own and with Kegel Coach when I'm near my PC. It's easier to do them while you're coached to be sure. I can vouch for the effectiveness of this. A+++


GT from Brisbane, QLD said:

Kegal Coach is the best! After 4 kids and not bothering to do pelvic floor exercises , it started to interfere with my life. I especially love the personal coach with the tracks , it keeps you motivated and helps keep you focused. To be honest I probably wouldnt have kept it up. But now I have support and encouragement during each track , I look forward to working out and reaping the benefits.


BC from Columbus, OH said:

The Live Coach method is awesome! It really helps you push and motivates you to the end. It's probably the best feature in this program. It makes the workout exciting while challenging you all the way to last set. Great work on adding this feature.


Jordan982 from Richmond, VA said:

Aw explosions and shooting the enemy. Isn't this supposed to be like Call of Duty? ROFL. Nah, actually it does what you guys say and thanks for keeping it simple. I like that I can just log in and start working out in less than 5 seconds literally. I'm a big advocate of no-BS workouts... in and out. Get 'em done. That's what this helps me do. Keep it up..... er, that might not sound good in this kind of website. Or, actually, yes it does! LMFAO! --J


Athlete2009 from Merrimac, WI said:

Slick. You should get that rock music dude from youtube on here he\'s really into kegels from his video. I\'m going to try a split workout doing them 2x a day because I consider myself an intermed-advanced user. I figure I can do this if I do 2 high-beginner to low intermed tracks, right?


Cyndi from St. Cloud, MN said:

new user. so far so good. another report in a couple weeks.


TJ from Wellington, FL said:

This saved me from staring at my damned ceiling doing these things. hehe Simple (which I like) and effective.


Lorri0992 from Biloxi, MS said:

Great site and customer service. Not real often do I get my questions replied to online so quickly. People do appreciate this. Special thanks to Steve R. who helped me.


Menehune from Kailua, HI said:

Aloha KegelCoach staff! Okay so i took your advice and didnt join until i tried them on my own. I'm cheap so this strategy worked great for me. Well damn doing them on my own sukked. I stuck with it for maybe 3 weeks but just when I thought of it and kinda didnt know when to flex and for how long eveen though the articles I read do give some times but theyre kinda random or like not real well thought out. Like one article says hold for 3 then relax for 3 then work your way up to 4 and then have a goal to squeeze for 30 and do faster ones too---just friggin random to me it seemed. Because then a different article said something else with different times for flex times and pauses and what your goals should be. ARGH!! Frustrating because the more articles I read the more things people said to do and I\'m left wondering which of all of those SHOULD I be doing? I work in a gym and goofing off doesn't build your body. Anyway... cheap me joined for 43c a day and I'm really getting into this. I workout like 4 times a week and every other day about and I'll lay down money its working. Told my boy about this and he's gonna check it out too. So.... mahalo mahalo mahalo to you all!!!!


smileyGirl from Edmonton, Alberta , Canada said:

Simple + easy + effective. Thank you.


Tom C. from Vale, NC said:

This is the #!@##. Like a video game for better sex. More more more! Actually I'm a long way from advanced. Whoa they look challenging. Affter working those numbers they gonna put me in adult flicks...LMAO!!


Sean W. from Laguna Beach, CA said:

This is for people SERIOUS about developing their muscle to the max. Everyone else can just do them for free on their own. This way works.


Slathalin from Littleton, CO said:

I've been using Kegel Coach for 3 weeks and I love it! I really didn't know the best way to do these things and looking back I can see that I was all kinda all over the place. I really feel a big difference in my grip so to speak and its really given me a boost of, er, sexual confidence. ;-) Thanks for such a fantastic service! I heard about you from a posting on babylune.


Gail R. from San Diego, CA said:

I canít imagine anyone doing kegels without this. You donít get the same results floundering around randomly on your own using boring routines found online. I've been a big fan of kegels but this has make it less of a "whatever and whenever" kind of workout. Kudos.


ErikBoy from Rocky Mount, VA said:

Quick note... thanks for this service. I did kegels on my own a while back while driving my car from work. Maybe it was not the most safe thing but I wanted to say that this KC makes me stick with the program and 2 thumbs up. Let me know when/if you can hook me up with an affiliate program because I did not see it on your site. And yeah, I did your $1 trial and then cancelled the membership and I am back now. Sorry about that! It is just too boring and unstructured when I did them counting in my head.


SoCalShane from Laguna Beach, CA said:

Just wanted to say this rocks. I\'m into health and fitness and anything that can help me stay fit and make it fun too is cool in my book. I started at the beginner1 track and am now working at beginner 7. The intermediate tracks look pretty challenging and the advanced tracks......whoa. It\\\'ll take some time before I\'m there but I already feel the difference. Damn was my pc muscle weak at first I could hardly hold the flex and a weak one at that but now I\'m a freakin kegel machine and for anyone who is wondering if they work.... YES they do. I can say for a fact that my control is much better now and that has given me more confidence than I\\\'ve had in many years. But like the site says.... it\'s not magic. If youre like \"Oh, this is too much effort to do these a few times a week\"... nothing\'s gonna work for you dude. Anyway.... I\'ll let you guys know when I make it to intermediate tracks. I better get my girl doing these or I\'m gonna wear her out. LMFAO!!


Lindsay from Ojai, CA said:

I should be your mascot because I tell everyone about this!! Funny how everyone pays such attention to every OTHER muscle in their body but the ONE that can give them all the pleasure. I feel the difference like 4 fold already. It feels funny at 1st and I was a bit skeptical I admit but the more you learn about this the more you learn that THIS IS FOR REAL. Thankyou for making it easy. nice to know there\'s honest people who deliver what they say online. ;-)


Robert from Franklin Lakes, NJ said:

So I was always into working out but who ever thought about anything called the pc muscle?! I guess mine was pretty weak but Im changing that now. Ill check back in and let you know how things are going but this is awesome and makes it less like work and more like a game.


D.B. from St. Cloud, Minnesota said:

The longer a guy can hold a kegel the longer he can last. Any guy that wants to be a PERFORMER in the sack has to do more than work his biceps in the gym. He has to work the LOVE MUSCLE too!!!


Steve R. from Springfield, Pennsylvania said:

It works.....itís only a few bucks a month....and it can do wonders for your love life. What more could you ask for??


Paul from Cherry Hill, NJ said:

I call KegelCoach my SECRET WEAPON for better sex! Shhhh... donít tell anyone. ROFL!! All kidding aside, itís great.


J.M. from Front Royal, Virginia said:

I am pregnant with my third child. I have been using KegelCoach and I can tell you as a regular user---it just works. Kegels helped me get myself back into the game, if you will, with my husband. He certainly approves, I donít need to tell you!


Eileen W. from Ventnor, NJ said:

My mother had pelvic floor reconstruction. Her doctor told her about these exercises and she is making the kind of progress that she only dreamed possible before.


W.R. from Bensalem, PA said:

Too cool! I tried kegels years ago and quit because they were boring. This is kinda like a video game. Theyíre working too. Trust me.


D.R.M. from Whitehall, PA said:

Kegels work! I did them a while back but it was so boring doing them on my own. With KegelCoach I can just watch the cues and follow along. My contractions are SO much stronger now. And my bf is really digging it too. :-)


Bob R. from Conroe, TX said:

This has made a BIG difference in my control. I'm like a sexual athlete now. All I can say is THANK YOU from both me and my girlfriend!!!!


M.D. from Philadelphia, PA said:

I never thought I would brag about something as personal as my PC muscle (lol), but I already feel a big improvement in its strength since Iíve been using Kegel Coach. Itís really like any other muscle... you use it or it just gets weaker and weaker.


P.T. from Peoria, IL said:

KegelCoach helped me improve my performance faster than I thought possible. All I do is watch the screen and follow the cues and the training is done.


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