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What (and Where) Is My Pubococcygeus Muscle?
Your pubococcygeus (say "pew-bo-cox-uh-gee-us") muscle or PC muscle is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. It’s part of the levator ani group of muscles. It controls urine flow and contracts during orgasm. Your PC muscle also aids in urinary control and childbirth. A well-developed PC muscle has also been linked to a reduction in urinary incontinence and proper positioning of the baby’s head during childbirth.  

What Does My Pubococcygeus Muscle Do?
Plenty! It’s your all-important "Love Muscle." Your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle controls the flow of urine and contractions during orgasm.

What are Kegel Exercises and Why Should I Do Them?
Kegel exercises were developed by physician Arnold H. Kegel to strengthen and give voluntary control over the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. These exercises are often simply called "kegels." One research study (Graber and Kline-Graber, 1979) showed a positive correlation between a toned PC muscle and a woman’s sexual response. Researchers found that the stronger your pubococcygeus contracts, the more likely you are to have an orgasm from vaginal stimulation.

In addition, it’s widely acknowledged that Kegel exercises can relieve stress-related incontinence, a concern affecting women beginning in mid-life. Stress incontinence is the leakage that can occurs during coughing, sneezing, or even during laughter. Those women suffering from the condition know, however, that it’s no laughing matter. Reports show that Kegel exercises can produce a 50 to 90 percent cure rate for mild to moderate stress incontinence and many women adopt it as a non-invasive alternative to surgery.

Dr. Kegel also discovered that Kegel exercises help the vagina become more sensitive and the improved muscle tone helps a woman achieve more frequent more satisfying orgasms. By performing Kegel exercises several times a week, your ability to tighten your vaginal muscles can enhance sexual pleasure for both you and your partner.

How Do I Locate My Pubococcygeus Muscle?
Simple. While urinating, try to stop the flow. Did you do it? Bravo! You’re using the right muscle. And now that you’ve found your PC muscle, you can comfortably perform Kegel exercises right where you are now... seated at your computer. KegelCoach makes it easy.

KegelCoach takes you through a series of pubococcygeus muscle "courses," starting you from the very easiest Beginner’s routines, all the way up to Advanced Kegel exercises for when your pubococcygeus "sex muscle" is "athlete-conditioned," strong and healthy.

Plus, we’ll continue to add more routines--at no cost--to keep your Kegel exercising interesting, entertaining, and motivating for maximum effectiveness. Your pubococcygeus muscle can’t help but get stronger if you follow the KegelCoach program. You (and your partner) will actually feel the difference. Best of all, all you do is follow the on-screen graphics and we do everything else for you. It couldn’t be easier.

Why Is KegelCoach a Better Way to Do Kegel Exercises?
Short answer: It's faster... easier... more fun... and more effective.

You see, Kegel exercises are great, no matter how you do them. Unfortunately, doing Kegel exercises the old fashioned way by simply squeezing and counting is terribly boring, annoying, and a very difficult practice to maintain in order to achieve any benefit. It takes several workouts for you to notice the benefits of a stronger PC muscle. Without consistent and regular Kegel exercising--much like exercising any muscle--you’ll achieve only limited benefits.

The good news is that KegelCoach makes strengthening your PC muscle easy, fun, and almost automatic. It not only tells you how to properly perform the Kegel exercise, but it also gives you a series of easy-to-follow routines that keep your pubococcygeus muscle training interesting. Dynamic visuals show your progress... automatic counters track your reps and flex times... colorful graphics and sounds allow you to visually and audibly follow your progress and make training fun.

In addition, KegelCoach also features a robust suite of workout stats so you always know how you’re doing. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced programs (all included with your subscription), continually keep you challenged as your PC muscle gets stronger and stronger. You and your partner will actually feel the difference a stronger, toned, and healthier pubococcygeus sex muscle makes.

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