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Whether you’re a beginner or pro, KegelCoach helps you develop athlete-like control of your sex muscle... quickly and easily.

"I’ve noticed a BIG difference in my control. All I can say is THANK YOU from both me and my girlfriend!!!! (She’s as happy as I am. LOL)"
Bob R., Conroe, TX


Follow the dynamic visual and sound cues in 28 exclusive, game-like KegelTrack™ interfaces. Workouts are fast, easy, fun and effective.

"I can’t imagine anyone doing kegels without this. You don’t get the same results floundering around randomly on your own using boring routines found online."  G.R., San Diego, CA


Automatically records your workout sessions. Tracks your levels, reps, flex times and more. Reminds you to exercise... motivates you to succeed!

"This is for people SERIOUS about developing their muscle to the max. Everyone else can just do them for free on their own. This way works." 
Sean W., Laguna Beach, CA

Benefits for Men
Benefits for Women
Why Use KegelCoach?
What’s It Cost?

Faster & stronger erections

Greater ejaculation control helps you last longer

More intense orgasms

Supports prostate health

Greater sexual enjoyment

Increased partner satisfaction

Control your body with dramatically greater sexual self-confidence

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Improved vaginal muscle tone, strength and sensation you & your partner will feel

More intense orgasms

Heightened sexual response

Supports easier childbirth

Reduced incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse

Greater sexual enjoyment for you and your partner                  

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Kegel Exercises Proven Effective Since 1948

Easy & Safe. Guides You Like a Coach... Just Follow Along

28 Carefully Designed Progressive KegelTracks™ Keep Your PC Muscle Challenged

Automatic KegelReminders™ Motivate You to Workout

Workout takes just minutes

Users Report Dramatically Better Results than Exercising Randomly on their Own

   Try It for 15 days: Just $1.99

Try it for up to 15 days for just $1.99

(That’s less than 14¢ a day)

Then it’s just $12.95/month

No contracts... no hassles

Easy PayPal billing

Guaranteed: You and Your Partner Must Feel Definite Results or Cancel Any Time

Try It For Just $1.99

Want better sex? KegelCoach makes it fun and easy to strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle
for better climax control and more powerful orgasms. Try It RIGHT NOW for Just $1.99

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